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Paint additives what are they? what’s good and what’s bad about them?

I will first start off with the one’s you will know about white spirit and turpentine these are both additives and cleaners and can only be used with oil based paints E.G Gloss , Satin , Eggshell & some metal paints which are oil based I very rarely use white spirit and i cannot remember the last time i used turpentine one of the main reasons for not using white spirit is because when adding to paint it may make the paint flow much better but it’s also thinning the paint down which means it does not cover as well as it should do and also can lower sheen on paints like gloss and satin finishes not only that when used with exterior painting it can lower the protection as the paint has been thinned down. Liquid driers again this is one i very rarely use for two reasons the main one been most of the painting i do now is water based and driers can only be used in oil based paints. the reason behind driers is what it says it’s dries the oil based paint a lot quicker than it should do most oil based paint have a drying time of between 16 hours and 24 hours and since the change on VOC’s in 2010 this has extended drying times in some oil based paints. The only time i have used it has been on exterior doors in the undercoat only! and the reason been it can lower sheen levels in the top coats gloss etc and can cause other issues with the paint if not used correctly. Floetrol is a water based additive this means you can only use is in water based paints like emulsion and water based undercoats and glosses the good thing with floetrol is when you add it to your paint it does not thin your paint down what it does do is increases the wet edge time on your water based paint meaning you will have longer to work with it and it also takes longer to dry which means brush marks have longer to level out and when painting ceilings and walls the paint lays flatter. I always have this in the van. Owatrol oil is by the same company who make floetrol but this can only be used in oil based paints if i need more flow in my oil based paint this is what i would use rather than white spirit the reason been owatrol oil does not thin your paint down like white spirit does it just eases flow of the paint like floetrol it also help oil based paints on exteriors as it prevents cracking and peeling it’s also a rust inhibitor. when using oil based paints i use this. Paint odour eliminator i have to say this is a new one for me as i was sent a sample from owatrol to try out. This additive is added to oil based or water based paints and eliminates the smell of paint. i know some of my customers have said they love the smell of paint and then there are ones which hate the smell so it will come in good use when i get to use it with oil based paints only because i use water based paints mainly there is very little odour.  
Paint additives what are they? These come in many different forms see below
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