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How to deal with walls in a bad condition
This job started off as a straight forward re decoration of a bedroom in Goldsborough North Yorkshire which is a small village just outside Knaresborough and Harrogate.
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The job spec was to. 1.Strip the wallpaper off the walls 2.Prepare the ceiling, walls & woodwork  3.Emulsion the ceiling and walls (2 coats) 4.Undercoat and satinwood finish the woodwork Day 1 After moving the furniture into the middle of the room and protecting it and the carpet with plastic backed dust sheets which stops any dust,water, & paint penetrating through them. It was time to start stripping off the wallpaper.
Because the wallpaper what was on the walls is a medium blown vinyl it strips off the walls quite easy and leaves a backing paper which needs to be wet in and then stripped off as I stripped the backing paper off I discovered that there was another backing paper on which the last person must have left on from a previous vinyl paper. As before it was a case of wetting in and removing the backing paper which had been left on. As it started to come off I was presented with walls which had been scored with a shape blade dug into with a scrapper and really been hacked at by whoever did some decorating previous
I showed the customer the walls and what the previous owners had done to the walls I told the customer I could put the walls back like new without the need of putting a lining paper on and was told to proceed. The rest of the wallpaper was stripped off and walls left to dry out over night
Day 2 it was time to sand down the walls and remove any edges back to a tight edge for thisI use the Mirka ceros sander and extractor and 80 grit abranet sanding disc if you would like to see more about this dust free sander I use on a daily basis please read my blog page
After about a hour all the walls had been sanded down and was now ready for a first fill because there was a large area to fill rather than using a standard filler.I decided to go with Gyproc easi fill which is ideal for dry lining walls which these are. while I’m waiting for the filler on the walls to dry.
The woodwork is then washed down to remove grease dirt before sanding down again with the Mirka ceros Once the filler had dried it was time again for the Mirka ceros to sand all the filler down this time using 240 grit abranet sanding disc this is a really fine sanding disc as all I am doing it taking and edges back the aim is not to remove the filler just smooth it down.
The walls are now very porous because of all the filler used so they need to be sealed for this I use Zinsser gardz perfect for dry lining boards but great at sealing filler also
Day 3 It’s time to get some paint on because I know it’s now going to take 3 coats on the walls rather than the 2 coats which was planned I start by giving the walls a coat of paint rather than painting the ceiling which I do after I have given the walls one coat. While waiting for the ceiling to dry off which it does quite quick as It’s a hot day I undercoat the doors and windows with a water based paint while giving the ceiling another coat then on with another coat on the walls.
Day 4 Back onto the emulsion for the final coat on the walls followed by top coating the woodwork with a water based satin paint. Remove dust sheets and vacuum up put the furniture back job completed.
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