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 How I protect your property before I decorate

In a ideal world it would be great that all rooms where empty before starting decorating but this is not always the case so the first thing T J Roberts Decorating do on every job is to remove any items which could break e.g glass vases, ornaments, pictures in to another room if they have not been already removed by the customer then I remove the light shade  and loosen the ceiling pendent if it’s a fixed light fitting then it would be covered up in plastic next thing is to put all the furniture into the middle of the room making sure  I have safe access all around the room. There are a few different types of flooring carpet , wooden ,laminate , tile floors for which I have a range of different types of masking tape for taping up the edge of the carpet or wooden floor etc to the edge of the skirting board a few tapes I use are 3m blue , frog tape , tesa I always tape up the floor for a few reasons.
1. I know I will not get any paint on your floor around the edges when painting the skirting or from mist/speckles from painting the ceiling / walls. 2. There is no chance of picking up fluff from the floor on to my paint brush and transferring this to your skirting board or paint kettle or back into the paint tin 3. it makes it much quicker for me to paint the skirting this way.
Painter and Decorator Harrogate , Knaresborough , York

      Kitchen and bathroom protection before decorating

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Now time to loosen the sockets and tape around these as well also if you have PVC windows I tape around these where it meets the wall I could paint these without using tape but again like the skirting board it makes it quicker for me to paint doing this. If the fireplace is not getting painted then it is  taped up with masking tape and plastic sheeting to cover the front and sides. Time to sheet up! I have a number of different types of dust sheets I have gell backed dust sheets which go over the furniture using these I know there will be no chance of any paint mist/speckles or dust going through them on to your furniture. I also use these on wooden floors too or use gripper dust sheets so they don't slip. On carpets I use the classic cotton twill dust sheet doubled up.
On staircases i use a stair runner dust sheet so I only need one sheet running down your stairs rather than multiple sheets making it a trip hazard.
I paint a lot of kitchens and bathrooms before or after they have had a refit the last thing you want is specks of paint on your new kitchen or bathroom suite but rather than using dust sheets I use speedymask which is a thin plastic sheet with masking tape on one edge so your kitchen or bathroom can be fully protected. Dust sheets tend to slide off your units or you cannot protect all the surface area.
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On some occasions I might use roll & stroll on flooring but this is a more expensive way of protection and would be mentioned to you the customer as a option.