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Dust free sanding what is it? How does it work? What is the cost of using the system
T J Roberts painter and decorator Knaresborough / Harrogate / York has been mechanical dust free sanding now since 2011. Obtaining some of the best sanders and extractors available in the decorators market by Mirka and Festool .
Dust free sanding has been around for many years in the form of wet and dry sandpaper which is still used today but is a very slow process and can be quite messy at times.Over the years one comment which has been made by my customers was about how much dust is caused while professional decorating. So when these new dust free systems came into place I took on my customers comments and eliminated the problem.
Painter and Decorator Harrogate , Knaresborough , York

      Mechanical sanding is a more efficient way of sanding so what's the pros and cons

The Pro’s Faster to sand ceilings , walls & woodwork leaving a smoother finish than what is achievable by hand sanding. Virtually dust free (90% less dust) Less clean up time at the end of a day giving you at least 40 minutes more time to prepare which would normally be spent cleaning up. No dust in the rooms which you are not working in. No dust which is better for my customers and their families health and also for me. The Con’s The only down side is it can be a little bit noisy. So as you can see the pro’s outweigh the con’s.
So what is the cost to use the Dust Free Sanding equipment Unlike some decorators there is no charge to use the dust free systems themselves the only charge is for the consumables (abrasives) which are used.  Below is an example. (This is for the abrasives only! not labour) So a 12 ft x 12 ft room ceiling, walls & woodwork you could be looking at between £5 - £10. A standard staircase ceiling, walls and woodwork £15 - £20. A lot depends on the condition of the surface as to how many abrasives would be used So as you can see the whole dust free system is more productive, & better for everyone’s health and cost effective!

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