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2010 VOC Regulations what does this mean? and how it effects paint

VOC 2010 legislation introduces new, stricter limits on the maximum amount of VOC’s that can be contained in decorative paints, stains and varnishes. different limits apply to solvent and water-based products.  VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound. VOC’s are chemical elements that are contained in many products and one been paint. VOC’s evaporate into the atmosphere the new regulations set in place is to reduce the amount been released. At first lots of paint companies said this would not effect the paint we was using once it come in 2010. They were very wrong! the main thing it has effected is oil based paints in two ways it has increased the speed up of yellowing in white paint such as gloss ,satin & eggshell so much so your now looking at is going yellow within months and not years when used on interior woodwork. Dulux paint was on the BBC program Watchdog due to this issue. where paint was going yellow within weeks! You will now notice how long the paint takes to dry it can still be tacky after the recommended 16 to 24hrs dry time which makes problems when your trying to get a job finished on time. It has also effected emulsion paint in a few ways making the standard 2 coats in to a 3 coat system and very easy for matt paint to flash when touched up. What can we do to get around such issues  With the white paints there are a few ways around the yellowing issue first off is not to use oil based paint at all which is what i have been doing now for many years there are two types of paint first off is a hybrid paint which is a oil / water based paint which means it will still yellow but over a longer period of time years rather than months or weeks. The other is to use a pure water based product this means if it is white it will stay white as there is no oil in the paint.  
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2010 VOC Regulations
What are VOC’s
So how does this effect paint?
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In this picture to the right it shows you the yellowing issues both pieces of wood have been left in the dark for 4 to 5 months.  no natural light will make the yellowing process speed up. The piece of wood at the top has been painted in a water based gloss and the wood below has not as you can see from the photo how much the wood at the bottom has yellowed and the wood in water based paint is as white as the day i painted it.
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